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About Us

Eyes On Me Advanced barber College Kerrville LLC was established in October 2021. This is the 3rd college of its kind with one in San Antonio, San Marcus, and now Kerrville, TX.

The birth of Eyes On Me began with eyes on me barbershop located in Bandera and Hillcrest in San Antonio, TX. With a thriving business model and award winning barbers, we quickly grew to the #1 award winning barbershop in the city at that time.

In 2019 Covid hit the economy hard forcing many small businesses to close permanently. With that, ended Eyes On Me Barbershop and began the birth of Eyes On Me Advanced Barber College. We Knew once the pandemic shut downs passed, there would be a huge wave of entrepreneurs wanting a different opportunity. Our first enrollment date opening began with 26 students and this proved our theory to be right.

Now with our newest location in the heart of the hill country, Michael Anthony (owner) hopes to offer that same opportunity to individuals in Kerrville and the surrounding areas such as Fredericksburg, Comfort, Center Point, Ingram, Boerne and more!

When asked "why Kerrville?", Michael Anthony answered "why not? "

"Before opening in Kerrville anyone who has ever wanted to be a barber would commute to San Antonio which could be an hour or longer drive." Eyes On Me Advanced Barber College is the only barber school in the hill country area. We aim to offer an affordable tuition with quality education. Downtown Kerrville was the perfect place for us.

We are excited about training the next generation of quality barbers. We truly have a passion for teaching this trade. Not only is it a trade that will follow you everywhere you go but it's also a skill no one can ever take away. We take pride in not only teaching you how to cut hair, but how to run yourself like a business. Skills like how to market yourself, how to grow on social media and how to retire as a barber are very important.

This is why we put Advanced in our name. To become a successful barber, sometimes it's about what you do beyond the chair. Let us show you how you too, can become a 100k/year barber.

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